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First of all we would like to bust the common misconception that you need to be of a certain ‘look, age and size’ to complete this role. We are in the 2020’s NO ONE thinks like that anymore.


We want those who can think, act and want to be their own boss. Being able to demonstrate sales ability, drive and organisation are the skills we are looking for. 


In this role you will be able to dictate:


* Your own working days there are no minimum requirements.

* Your wage. All commission is uncapped the harder you work the more you shall be rewarded financially. Full payment is made at the end of each shift.


The support and training you will receive from us is never ending. It ranges from sales pitches to dealing with anti-social behaviour. Our mission is to help you grow and succeed.


Please note that this role as this role is commission based only, we don’t guarantee minimum earnings. Ultimately you dictate your own success.


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